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Mother Misery (SE)

Mother Misery

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The beginning
Since the debut album in 2004 MOTHER MISERY has earned their reputation as a 100% professional live act, with tight and explosive performances and with their melodic Supersonic Rock they catch the audience wherever they go.

Through the years
The band has been touring Europe since 2004 and released 3 albums and 2 EP ́s, videos are made from For the crows (2006), All eyes on you (2007), Standing alone͟ (2011) and Deadication (2015). Through the years the band have received top album reviews and live reviews in big, small and world wide covered magazines, e-zines and music blogs and featured on various compilations.

From Rocking big venues around Europe to attending festivals like the Zwarte Cross festival (NL) with more than 150.000 people MOTHER MISERY has proven themselves to be a part of the big league, sharing stage with bands like Entombed, Queensryche, Lynch Mob, Peter Pan Speedrock, Lillasyster, Anthrax, Sepultura, Life of Agony, Deathstars, Pro-Pain, Grand Massive, Therapy?, H.E.A.T, The Quireboys, Evergrey etc.


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